Configuration Guide

The following guide will assist you in configuring your Sage One WooCommerce integration plugin in WordPress.

1. Once you have installed the plugin in the WordPress administration screen go to WooCommerce > Settings

Configuration - WooCommerce Settings

2. Click on the Integration tab located at the top

3. Enter your Sage One API Key. Please include the starting and closing brackets { and when you enter the API key. To get an API key visit: and click on Request your API Key

Configuration - Get a Sage One API key

4. Enter the Sage One Accounting email address you registered when you created your Sage One account.

5. Enter your Sage One password.

Configuration - Sage One Password

6. Save your settings. Once you have saved your settings, select the company you would like to integrate with WooCommerce. Your companies will only be visible after you have saved your settings at this point.

Notice: You are connected to your Sage One Account.

After you have saved your settings you should see a notice at the top that says “You are connected to your Sage One Account”. If you do not see this notice then you need to confirm that the settings you have entered are correct.

Configuration - Select a company

7. Select a company and save your settings. The import function will only work once you have saved the company the product must be imported from.

8. Click on “Import / Synchronize Sage One Data” and wait for the process to finish.

9. All done! Your Sage One products will now be imported into WooCommerce. In the WordPress administration screen click on Products to confirm that your products have been imported.